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The weight of strain on your neck

The weight of strain on your neck

The average adult head weighs 10-12lbs. That's heavy enough even when it is positioned at the top of a spine that is in perfect alignment.

The moment the head moves into a more forward position e.g. when looking down at a phone, the weight of the head effectively increases. That's just physics and how levers work unfortunately. This can easily be understood if we think about how much harder it is to hold a heavy object away from our bodies than it is to hold it close. If the head and neck is at 60 degrees the weight can increase to a massive 60lbs!!! That's the weight of an average 8 year old!! 

This is still the case even with a slightly different head position when sitting badly working at a laptop where the chin is poking forward.

The weight of strain

These positions can become a very bad habit and the spinal curves become very stiff in this position. The muscles have to over work so hard they go into spasm. Those muscles and ligaments also change length as a result. We need to make the following changes: 

  1. Improve posture
  2. Improve workstation ergonomics
  3. Reduce time spent on tech devices wherever possible
  4. Take breaks from static positions
  5. Stretch!

necksaviour can help restore the natural shape of the neck (cervical spine) and show the user where their neck and head position should be again. It also stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments and opens the joints taking pressure away from the intervertebral discs and nerves. It also increases much needed blood flow. All while you just lie down and relax :)  

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