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necksaviour Mini...back in stock soon!

Welcome back Mini!


It's been a while, actually much longer than we thought it would be since Minis were available directly from us. The wait is nearly over and we expect to open up Mini sales again in 2 weeks.....sooner if possible :)

necksaviour will also have new packaging. The drawstring bag with carabiner stays but in addition Mini now comes in a box that not only looks great but will protect it in transit. Will share some images of that really soon!

Thank you for your patience and as always if you have any questions before or after  purchasing your necksaviour just get in touch.

Wes & Team necksaviour

Neck muscle spasm and headaches....

It's no wonder tight neck muscles can lead to headaches!



Take a look at the image above, did you have any idea that there were so many layers of muscles in the neck?!? We've said it before but...we aren't very kind to our necks. With poor posture comes muscle imbalance. When we are in poor posture we use muscles that are designed to move the head and neck to do a stability role. They aren't designed to do that so what happens?.... they go into spasm. The joints associated with them then become stiff and painful leading to more spasm and round and round it goes in a cycle. 

To make matters worse the spasm can lead to what is known as trigger points in the muscle. These trigger points then lead to pain somewhere else, very often into the head. Check out the distribution of trigger points in the image below. You can see the correlation between some of the muscles named above and the region they refer pain to. Splenius Cervicis....I get that one!



There are many things you can do to help this problem in both the short and long term. necksaviours do 3 of the most important ones:


  1. Improve neck alignment and posture. In use Mini creates a healthy degree of chin retraction. This shows you where your neck should be again!

  2. Stretching. Take another look at the top image and I'm sure you can just imagine how tight some of those muscles feel right now. Stretching is a good thing to do anyway but done regularly it really can help keep these problems away.

  3. Trigger point release. The position of the contact points for necksaviour can act as trigger point therapy at the upper end in those superficial and deep occipital muscles but also on the muscles at the top of the shoulder.


Just taking a few minutes a day to use necksaviour Mini or Classic can not only give you the above benefits but will mean a much needed little relaxation time too!


So if you know somebody who suffers with neck pain and tension headaches or just somebody who sits in front of a PC all day share this blog with them :))

The neck is one amazing structure!

Although a giraffe’s neck is 1.5–1.8 metres in length, it contains the same number of vertebrae as a human neck.
The human neck is an incredible structure. It starts at the base of the skull and through a series of seven boney blocks called vertebral bodies it attaches to the upper back.
The first vertebra in our neck is called the Atlas. It is named after the greek mythological figure who was burdened with 'carrying the world on top of his shoulders' much like the way in which the neck supports and carries the weight of the head.

The head weighs on average between 10 and 13 pounds so the neck (cervical spine) literally shoulders a big load. In addition to supporting the head, the neck's anatomy allows for the head's incredible mobility, including rotational, forward/back and side bending motions.

The vertebra in the neck also provide a passageway for vertebral arteries to ensure proper blood flow to the brain. The neck also houses and protects the all important spinal cord and provides a passageway and protection for nerve roots that supply the head, shoulders and upper limbs.

For the most part, the cervical vertebrae are extremely durable and resistant to injury. 

Most neck pain is the result of wear and tear and not injury, although if we suffer injuries too that can only makes the situation worse.

What does all this mean?

If we understand the importance of the neck and what an incredible  structure it is then we might take more care of it and give it all the help it needs to be able to function the way it needs to. Can we undo what has gone before? In some cases yes, in some cases no but we can certainly try to stop problems worsening and gain relief by doing all the right things whenever possible. We are all so busy so it's not easy but just a few minutes a day focusing on the spine can really make a difference :))