Neck pain and headache relief, without medication.

Just bend it, relax on it...feel the stretch!

Triple award winning neck pain and headache relief.

Welcome to necksaviour!

Home of the unique, patented and innovative necksaviour. Our precisely engineered and easy to use devices are the key to relieving neck pain, easing headaches, correcting spinal alignment, improving posture and are a fantastic Pilates and yoga aid.

necksaviour Classic

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    Is to create great products that improve lives by reducing pain and other symptoms. Products that can improve posture, alignment and lifestyle. Products that make good sense clinically but that are also low tech, affordable and simple to use.


    necksaviour products have their roots in clinical experience. Their inspiration comes from what is understood clinically about what is required biomechanically for most people in this busy tech filled world we live in. That clinical experience combined with cutting edge design and the use of advanced modern materials can deliver products that are effective, easy to use, portable and comfortable.


    Our products have been created with you and your wellbeing in mind.

    Improving alignment, reducing pain and other symptoms is not always straightforward but necksaviour should be beneficial for almost everyone. We welcome feedback and will strive to assist and improve your experience of our products and service in whichever way possible.


Necksaviour mini: “This might be the best thing I’ve ever bought on @kickstarter #Fitness”

“Just bought a necksaviour from @necksaviour and it’s brilliant.”

“My arthritis means I sometimes wake up with a stiff/painful neck, but I find if I use necksaviour for 15mins my neck fills so much better.

I would definitely recommend it :)”

“Great product and now a firm part of my every day stretching regime - take it everywhere!”

“I have had pain in my shoulder for two years -  the necksaviour has cured it.. Fantastic!”

“Looking forward to trying necksaviour with our clients. I felt relief and I don’t even suffer with neck pain.”