Neck Saviour
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What Is Necksaviour?




necksaviour is a simple but precisely engineered device that gently stretches the neck to help reduce pain. It is also a headache reliever, a spinal alignment corrector, a posture tool and a Pilates, yoga aid. Stretching the neck is known as traction and is a treatment often used by therapists to help relieve symptoms such as neck pain, stiffness, muscle spasm, tension headaches and many others. necksaviour can help reduce the need for medication.

necksaviour design excellence awards

MDEA - Medical Design Excellence Award 2016

ADEX gold award for design excellence 2015.

SPARK bronze award for design excellence 2015


necksaviour is a patented product (UK 2500600).



Portable & Lightweight

Not only is necksaviour effective, it actually fits into your life. It is incredibly light and portable and weighs just 58gs (2ozs) and is only 25cm x 23.5cm. necksaviour requires no complicated set up or apparatus and can therefore be used pretty much anywhere. Just pop in to your bag and you will be able to get rapid neck pain and headache relief whenever you need it.




Neck Ease Stretching




necksaviour has been designed to be versatile so that the same device can be used by people with different neck lengths and users can choose a light or strong stretch. necksaviour can help the symptoms of many neck related problems as well as the effects of stress and tension related headaches.

necksaviour has been designed to help the following as well as other problems:

  • Headaches in many forms
  • Neck stiffness
  • Muscle spasm/tension
  • Joint inflammation
  • Disc problems
  • Arthritis
  • Upper limb referred pain
  • Wry neck
  • Sub acute whiplash
  • Plus many more


Cost benefits

necksaviour's simple design not only means it is easy to use but also makes it affordable. Using necksaviour may significantly reduce the need to see your therapist for treatment.  The high quality foam materials mean necksaviour can be used time and time again. 


Precise Design and Engineering 

necksaviour is a precisely engineered, multiple foam layered product. It is constructed from some of the most advanced, expensive modern materials. It is this combination of engineering and materials that make it comfortable to use, durable and skin friendly. The three years of painstaking design that went into it's development means it can deliver the optimal stretch force in each of the four options, time and time again.