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"I've been using the necksaviour every day since it's arrived and it's already making a huge difference! It's keeping my headaches at bay and improving my posture. Normally I find myself pulling at my neck, twisting and cracking it throughout the day - no need to do any of those things any more. I'm so relieved to find an alternative to the migraine medications. Thank you!!"

Ann E

 "I highly recommend necksaviour for cervicogenic headaches and facet joint related pain. Ease of use and effective relief are the main advantages. In fact, I use it personally."

Dr Steve Ornstein -

 “Just bought a necksaviour from @necksaviour and it’s brilliant.”

Imogen Bankier - GB Olympian badminton player

"Finding the necksaviour a great help in releasing tension, I use it throughout class, works well whilst doing pelvic curls (keeping body weight on floor) one leg stretch, drop outs, one leg circles, all aspects of release and stabilisation exercises. I am now about to order 5 more. Many thanks”

Mary Bissland Pilates - The natural way


"We are a middle aged couple still raising kids and working hard everyday. The effects of such work include feeling tired and stiff necked in the evenings. The Neck Saviour used for a short time in the evenings is proving to be a Godsend.....eliminates the stiff neck feeling each time!!!"

Tino in Botswana, Africa.  


"Using necksaviour has brought my Pilates sessions to a different level. In many instances I replace my head pads with the necksaviour to keep my client's neck in good spinal alignment. At the same time my clients can benefit from a gentle stretch of their neck and they can immediately feel the tension being released and the stiffness easing".

Keti Snee - Pilates teacher  


"I received my Necksaviour about two months ago and love it!"

Jim Brocato


  "Such a great product, regularly used by my clients."

Lauren Willcocks #bodytherapyclinic  


"Great product. Tried and tested by us and ordered a few for our chiropractic clinic"

. Robert Spratley


"I am normally skeptical about the value of many of the health related products on the market today. This view has been changed by the use of the Necksaviour. I have suffered from an ongoing neck pain that despite a range of stretches, Physio intervention and the use of anti-inflammatories I was unable to truly shift. 2 weeks of daily use of the Necksaviour and my neck pain is virtually eliminated and I feel more comfortable than I have for as long as I can remember. My recommendation for this simple to use but effective product could not be stronger".

Matt Evans 


  "Absolutely love this, where have you been all my life?! Fast postage too - thank  you"

eBay customer


  “Great feedback from our clients who have used necksaviour in clinic"

Peak Performance sports therapy


  “Looking forward to trying necksaviour with our clients. I felt relief and I don’t even suffer with neck pain.”

White House Physio


  “Adding necksaviour to to a treatment built on my earlier deep tissue massage. Happy therapist, Happy client!”

Cadence Fitness   


"Spent a great weekend at centre parcs aggravating the spondylosis in my neck!! Thank goodness for necksaviour! Provides excellent relief from stiffness and spasm, managing without pain relief too. Thanks guys - fantastic product."

Jo Croft


"After suffering months of headaches due to neck tension and stress it was suggested I try necksaviour. I've renamed it my lifesaviour as now whenever I feel the onset of a headache, I use the necksaviour instead of reaching for the painkillers. Amazing product and now part of my daily routine. I highly recommend trying it".

Chris C.  


"I suffer from severe headaches and was fed up with constantly swallowing pills. necksaviour is a fantastic alternative way to help relieve tension caused by stress. I'm so pleased to have found this product."

Mike Aldridge


  "My arthritis means I sometimes wake up with a stiff/painful neck, but I find if I use my necksaviour for 15 mins my neck feels so much better. I would definitely recommend it :)"

Barbara Begrie


  "Hi. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for introducing me to the necksaviour.
 After suffering with neck pain for years due to my continued bad posture as working as a beauty therapist.
 It is simple and quick to use and is now part of my daily routine. It has stopped me taking pain killers as the relief to my stiff painful neck has reduced hugely.
 I am now recommending it to all my clients that tell me of their headaches and back pain. Those that have tried mine have felt relief instantly.
 Can't thank you enough."

Judy Woolford  


"I was experiencing excruciating headaches brought on by neck spasm. The simplicity of how necksaviour works is amazing. I felt immediate relief. I totally recommend it. It would also be great to take on holiday as it is so lightweight, for after a long haul flight to stretch out a tense neck!"

Claire Jones


 "I have suffered from chronic neck pain as a result of Fibromyalgia (ME) for many years. Using the necksaviour twice a day has made a tremendous difference. Although I am still in pain I find it much easier to manage and the necksaviour provides welcome relief. In addition, I used to suffer a lot from tension headaches and find that I get them far less frequently since using necksaviour.  I also travel a lot on business. necksaviour fits into my baggage very easily and is the first thing I take out when I check into my hotel to relieve the stress of flying."

Andy Lopata, International Business Speaker


  "Great product and now a firm part of my every day stretching regime - take it everywhere!"



  "By far the best piece of equipment I have ever used after using daily for two weeks pain completely gone. I use it once a day to keep muscles supple. Brilliant invention."

Paddy Wrixon


  "Just had my first experience with necksaviour after a hard day’s house cleaning – it feels great, I’m hooked already." SA   "We’ve been enjoying your necksaviour, it’s a great product and helps us to ease tension especially before going to bed at night but also helps to loosen muscles after cycling."

SK - Singapore


" I have had pain in my shoulder for two years- the necksaviour has cured it.....fantastic!"



"I'm delighted with the necksaviour, but also irritated that it wasn't created a decade ago! I've spent around 8 years with neck and shoulder pain, and have tried everything; this, though, is genius. I work from home now so have the option of using the necksaviour whenever I feel my shoulders tensing up, which is wonderful. However, if I was still working at an office, I'd keep the necksaviour in my desk drawer and sneak off to find an empty meeting room for five minutes to have a stretch! It's one of those ideas that's seems so completely essential that it's hard to believe it didn't exist until now!"

MD - UK 


 "I just wanted to inform you how much I LOVE necksaviour, absolute miracle! After just one use I could feel the difference in my head/neck after suffering headaches for years. Thank you, I will definitely be spreading the word NECKSAVIOUR."

Martin Walford - Hertfordshire UK


  "I am using your necksaviour every day and it brings me great comfort.
 Now my wife would like to have one for her own!"

Hiroshi Mizuno 


 "Dear necksaviour - Thank you for my first painfree day in months!"

LW - Annesley Woodhouse


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