Neck Saviour
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The Story Behind Our Product



We have a full understanding of what is therapeutic for numerous conditions including neck problems. Not satisfied with existing home use traction products I've felt for a long while that there must be better way, so I created one. necksaviour is 'patent pending' and the first product to be launched by Epiphany Innovations, a brand new therapy, rehab and exercise product development company. Great innovation, cutting edge design and the use of advanced modern materials are at the heart of Epiphany Innovations.


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necksaviour was launched via a successful indiegogo campaign & reached 124% of it’s target. The campaign ran from May 6th to July 5th 2014. 


Product family

necksaviour is going to be a family of products which will include a necksaviour-pillow, necksaviour-super compact, necksaviour exercise mat and a modular system to stretch the entire spine.