Neck Saviour
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A Safe Product

Developed by a chartered physiotherapist with 20 years experience in musculoskeletal treatment.


necksaviour is classed as a Grade 1 medical device and is fully CE marked. It is suitable for most neck related complaints and has been tested by the University of Hertfordshire (England).  The traction forces necksaviour delivers are well within safe limits. The foams used in the manufacture of necksaviour are completely skin friendly.


Please Note: necksaviour (and all forms of traction) may also not be suitable for people with extremely severe neck injuries or very recent trauma to the neck. It may also not be suitable for people suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis (different to osteoarthritis which is the wearing and ageing process of the joints). You should also not use necksaviour or any form of traction if you are suffering from the following: spinal instability or fracture, spinal cord compression, infections, inflammatory diseases, malignancy, vertebrobasiliar artery insufficiency and any other condition which could be worsened by movement particularly distraction. For any of the above or if you have any concerns regarding other conditions you should seek expert advice before using necksaviour.