Neck Saviour
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necksaviour is a useful tool for many professionals including: Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Pilates, Yoga and Alexander Technique Instructors and masseurs.

necksaviour is already proving invaluable to us in clinic. We use it on patients where gentle cervical traction is indicated. This could be due to local pathology and symptoms or if we feel there is a cervical component to a peripheral problem. Before necksaviour I regularly wished I could include traction in a patientā€™s treatment regime while working peripherally. necksaviour is so simple and quick to apply that patients can be gaining the beneļ¬t within seconds.

Increasing incidence of neck related problems

Poor posture results from this and symptoms increase as a consequence via a stiff kyphotic thoracic spine and stiff excessively lordotic cervical spine.

We are certain they will enjoy what necksaviour does so much that they won't want to leave the clinic without one. necksaviourā€™s action means it is an ideal Pilates and Yoga partner.

Pilates & Yoga instructors are already usingĀ necksaviourĀ to: Ā 

1. Encourage control of the head, neck and upper trunk with stabilisation and lower limb exercises.
2. Add a further neck stretching component to stretching exercises.

3. Gain a neck stretch during relaxation and breathing exercises.

Ā  Below is the full testimonial from a Pilates teacher with ten years experience:

"Ā I've been a Pilates teacher for over 10 years and along with lower back pain, neck complaints are something I come across day in day out. UsingĀ necksaviourĀ has brought my Pilates sessions to a different level. In many instances I replace head pads with theĀ necksaviourĀ to keep my client's necks in good spinal alignment. At the same time my clients can beneļ¬t from a gentle stretch of their neck and they can immediately feel the tension being released and the stiffness easing.Ā necksaviourĀ is a very effective way of realigning the spine in preparation for movement and encourages shoulder and pelvic/lumbar stabilisation whilst performing a number of Pilates exercises.

As Pilates teachers we all know that when the spine curves, the entire body is thrown out of it's natural alignment. Almost every other person that walks into our studios suffers with this problem. TheĀ necksaviourĀ aids in many Pilates exercises used to correct posture and spinal alignment. I have also foundĀ necksaviour very effective when placing clients in thoracic extension. After usingĀ necksaviourĀ many of my clients say they feel an inch taller. Is this not one of the goals we try to achieve with Pilates?"

Keti Snee