Neck Saviour
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Meet the Maker


I'm Wesley Marshall, a Chartered musculoskeletal physiotherapist with 20 years experience in this Ô¨Āeld and I run a successful practice called¬†HertsPhysio¬†and we achieve unrivalled results in our area. My team and I have spent tens of thousands of hours assessing and treating thousands of patients from elite athletes to children and the elderly.

I've personally tried most affordable 'home use' traction devices and found them unsatisfactory in one way or another. I Ô¨Ānd I can get just the stretch I need from my own¬†necksaviour¬†and use it regularly, for example, after clinics, computer work and cycling. Although I know what good posture is and which stretches to do, sometimes I need a little help.

I also had an episode of nerve root irritation which meant I had pain in my arm due to a problem in my neck. A few short comfortable sessions on necksaviour corrected it.