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necksaviour now available directly in Australia and NZ!

necksaviour now available directly in Australia and NZ!


"We are extremely excited & privileged to be involved with this outstanding innovative product.
As soon as I saw necksaviour on the UK website I wanted one, I have suffered with upper back tension for many years and often wake in the morning with a tight painful neck. I have bought about a dozen pillows to try to relieve this, so far nothing has helped.
After the first 5 minutes of using the necksaviour my neck felt great & I was sold. I use it regularly & have felt the discomfort in my upper back ease, it also assists with spinal alignment too which I think most people can benefit from. Not sure what I am going to do with the cupboard full of pillows that I now have…..
My background is in Healthcare, Sports Massage & I am a Yoga Teacher, who has practised for over 20 years, so I am aware & fascinated about the anatomy & physiology of the body. The fact that the necksaviour was invented by a Physiotherapist & that it has won 3 international Design Awards adds so much credibility.
I completely believe in this product & know that it cannot only help people with neck pain, headaches etc but it can be used as a preventative measure & as a relaxation aid used in Yoga /Pilates classes. With this in mind, my business partner & I are delighted to be embarking on a new venture with Epiphany Innovations bringing necksaviour to the southern hemisphere with"

Julia Toomer

Director JJ2MER

Cycling neck pain exercise video

Doing exercises before and after cycling to stretch the neck is very important. This video is excellent.

necksaviour can also be a great help to use for the muscle spasm, tension and joint stiffness that is associated with this type of activity.

necksaviour sells out at SPOEX expo in Korea!

Korean necksaviour distributor Balancecord sold out of necksaviours at the recent Sports and Leisure Industry Show - SPOEX 2016 in Seoul.

Expos are a great place to demonstrate how easy necksaviour is to use and how quickly users can gain neck pain and headache relief.

Well done to the Balancecord Team!