necksaviour wins Silver at the Medical Design Excellence Awards 2016!

by Brigitte Marshall | June 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

We are delighted to have won our third design excellence award in a year. This is a very prestigious award from the MDEA (Medical Design Excellence Awards). necksaviour won silver in the Over-the-Counter and Self-Care Products category.

This is great recognition for our innovative neck stretching device that has very quickly become popular around the world with people who suffer from neck pain, pain in the upper back, pain in the shoulders and headaches, particularly tension headaches.

Our triple award winning neck stretch product can help people who suffer with these problems due to an arthritic neck, poor neck posture, neck injuries. It can also help people that have a stiff neck, particularly after sport or exercise. Many cyclists suffer with cycling neck pain during or after rides. Neck pain and headaches can also be as a result of working at a computer for many hours. Long car journeys and manual jobs can cause tight muscles in the neck and upper back.

Regular use of necksaviour can help to reduce or eliminate the effects of these problems.

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