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An Interview with necksaviour Developer, Wesley Marshall.

An Interview with necksaviour Developer, Wesley Marshall.

Hi Wes! Tell us your story. 

Hi! I’ve been a chartered physio for 18 years. I graduated from The University of Hertfordshire in 1998.  I’ve worked in the NHS, private hospitals, at Ipswich Town FC for 10 years. I‘ve also run my own clinic Herts Physio for 16 years. 


Where does necksaviour fit in to this?

I’ve treated countless patients who suffer from neck pain – it’s something I see everyday. I was very unsatisfied with the existing products, and just felt for a long time that there must be a better way, so I decided to create one – and I’m very glad I did.  

Necksaviour is now invaluable to me in clinic. Before, I regularly wished I could include traction in a patient’s treatment regime. Now I can as it’s just so simple and quick to apply using necksaviour, my patients can be gaining the benefit within seconds. 


I assume you use your necksaviour often? When do you find it most useful?

Absolutely! I use it before, after cycling and mountain biking – the alignment of the spine when anyone cycles isn’t great, as both the mid and low regions of the spine are hunched or ‘flexed’. This means the neck is excessively extended. For me, it’s an easy and effective way of undoing the effects of this by stretching the muscles and ligaments – and it’s become a crucial part of my cycling routine.  

I also (like most people) spend a lot of time working on the computer. It’s really important to have a workstation assessment in order to reduce the impact of this, but unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely stop it. After long hours working on the computer, I find necksaviour really useful to relieve pressure, relax the neck and realign the shape of the spine and the neck in particularly to where it should be.


What’s your favourite feature?

I love how lightweight and portable it is. I’m a very active and busy person so it really needs to be something I can carry around with me easily – and it is, weighing just 58grams (2oz). It’s a great travel companion. Also I love the fact that when people try it they like the feeling so much they want one for using at home or travel.

Each necksaviour is also really versatile. It has a light or strong stretch and a long or short neck option. Users can try each option and see which suits them.


What were the necksaviour highlights in 2016?

Definitely winning the Medical Design Excellence Award – that was a real highlight! But also, more day-to-day, just hearing positive stories and reviews from people who use necksaviour – it’s great that it’s helping people all over the world, everyday. As a physiotherapist, I see people really struggling with neck pain and headaches, so much so that is stops them doing the things they love, it’s great to be able offer something which can help. 


Any top tips for necksaviour users? 

There are three really top tips.

  1. First is to make sure the neck is free from hair, jewellery and bulky clothing.
  2. Second is to bend necksaviour completely before resting the neck onto it.
  3. Thirdly you need to completely relax onto necksaviour as this helps keep it in the right place. Also, relaxing while using necksaviour stretches the neck actually makes it even more comfortable and effective. There are videos and photos on the website and social media for further help:


Thanks for chatting to us, Wes!

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